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The choice of this gold tape is still the grass planted by Shawn Yue, and the watch has a high value. Compared with the water ghost, there are fewer people wearing it, and the probability of hitting the replica Rolex uk is also lower. I also struggled to choose white noodles or gold noodles, but since I plan to work in gold, I will choose gold noodles and gold. After confirming the watch model, I looked around immediately, but I couldn't find it, so I decided to line up first and then customize one for fun.

Lu Jindi's green dial is more profound and full of charm. With the classic panda face, it has a more elegant and charming temperament. The 18K gold-coated case and strap can maintain a long-term glossy texture and ensure normal use. Under the circumstances, there will be no problems such as fading and falling gold.

The highly transparent sapphire crystal glass mirror surface has a clear view of the dial surface. The font scale and three snail-shaped small dials in the dial are also restored in place, with a strong three-dimensional effect. Truly stand the test of time.

The bottom cover with dense bottom design is exquisitely brushed and delicately processed. The screw-in cover also effectively strengthens the overall waterproof effect of the watch. The self-produced 4130 movement inside is equipped with stable and reliable travel time, and the daily error is kept at plus or minus 5 seconds. It can reach the error standard of the Swiss Observatory, and its performance is very stable.

The fake rolex watch is equipped with an 18K gold-coated steel strap of the same color, which is easy to bend and comfortable to wear. It is easy to operate and will not be accidentally opened during the wearing process, which improves safety performance. Lvjindi is not only fashionable in appearance but also super stable in performance. It is the most beautiful Daytona at a real price.







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